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The Process

Weaving is a long and meticulous process of creation, where the thread starts in the weaver's mind as an idea, comes out of her/his hand, and transforms itself into something you can touch and feel. Even if the Idea is well formed in mind every time creation is a big adventure with lots of failed loops and changed ways. 

V4k is a hand-made clothing brand founded by Viktoriia Masalova in 2020. We practice the art of craftsmanship unlike any other and invite our guests to enjoy pieces inspired by nature, beauty, and fitments.


About Viktoriia

, Forms and shapes pop up in my head as silhouettes of clothing, as a primeval idea and touch from something unknown"

From the age of nine, when She first understood my longing and talent for fashion living back in Siberia's small town (Russia), it took her a decade, dozens of failed partnerships, and thousand of controversial opinions about her craftsmanship from Lecturers back on faculty of Design and hundreds of wrong techniques to truly feel and find my signature style. Before V4K was founded, Viktoriia worked on several personal and worldwide known brands, collecting piece-by-piece knowledge of materials, arts, and techniques.

She believes in solving down fashion and a custom approach to each and every client, making V4K experience unforgettable.

Every piece always starts from a sketch, and only after every detail has its own meaning and place it transforms into Pattern. They always start small as a piece of samples in a size of 10x10 cm, once fully explored and approved, they grow in size and start to assemble, in order to finalize themselves.

It is like growing a new creature, that grows loop by loop, sometimes in a way, that was never predicted. That is why we always keep our minds free to experiment and be authentic to the thread and our creativity.

The team behind the brand 

Our team Is growing slowly but steadily. For now, it consists of Founder, the General manager, two waivers, and an assistant. Our selection process is very detail oriented, as we believe in energy and values.

Clothing is an art of creation, that we share with you, that is why every person that is connected to its creation shall represent the initial idea and share the same feeling.

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